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CSI Solutions supports collaboration for improvement across communities and diverse stakeholders through its web based portals and data reporting system. The case study is highlighted below. Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization’s goals.

Technology Solutions: supporting improvement for tens of thousands at

CSI Solutions developed the original Healthcare Communities Web Portal in 2005 to support HRSA’s Health Disparities Collaboratives. This groundbreaking, multi-year improvement effort engaged Federally Qualified Community Health Centers in every state with the aim of improving health and health care for vulnerable Americans. HRSA project leaders needed a central location to manage project logistics, share project resources, communicate across teams, and report Collaborative data. They turned to CSI Solution to develop a platform that could manage large amounts of data and content in a secure and flexible web environment. combines CSI’s unique measurement reporting system with file sharing, a quality improvement library, Listservs, forums, and calendaring. The CSI outcomes reporting system allows teams to configure, upload, and run reports on improvement data.

Since its launch, the site has grown to support other communities, including CMS’s Partnership for Patients and QIO 11th Scope of Work initiatives. Over 22,000 registered users in 25 communities in every state are working to improve the quality, safety, and affordability of care across the US using CSI Solutions’ portal.

The Healthcare Communities site also provides opportunities for third party sponsorship of communities that desire an opportunity to collaborate but do not have the resources to support the effort.

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