Strategic Consulting: Hilo Medical Center

CSI Solutions provides strategic support to health care organizations that are positioning themselves for the transformation underway in health care. The Hilo Medical Center case study is highlighted below. Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization’s goals.

Strategic Organizational Support: positioning for Successful Transformation in Hilo

In 2013, Hilo Medical Center (HMC), in the Eastern Region of the Hawaii Health and Hospital Corporation, sought strategic support with clarifying its role in an emerging Accountable Care Organization (ACO) environment in Hawaii County on the Big Island of Hawaii. Based on CSI Solution’s earlier support of the Hawai’i Island Beacon Community, HMC chose CSI Solutions to provide:

  • An analysis and recommendations on alternative pathways for Hilo Medical Center to participate in an ACO;
  • An assessment and recommendations regarding HMC’s organizational readiness to participate in an ACO, including care coordination, financial systems, information technology, ability to assume risk, and primary care network;
  • Development of a high level action plan and recommendations for carrying out the recommended ACO pathway.

CSI Solutions provided an analysis of HMC’s market, partnerships, financial position, technology infrastructure, leadership, clinical delivery system, and culture of quality. Strategic decision support included detailed recommendations in all areas as well as the overall aim of proceeding with ACO development. CSI Solutions played an additional role in educating the board and leading the board members through a strategic planning process. According to Howard Ainsley, CEO, Hilo Medical Center, East Hawaii Region, “CSI Solutions provided valuable advice and had an uncanny ability to simplify complex issues and engage our key stakeholders to help our organization thrive in the new environment.”